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Hopscotch Montessori Nursery 


Forest School


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There are 3 sessions available every day during term times. Operating hours are 9.15 to 14.45 Monday to Friday.


For children not eligible for Free Early Education


9.15 - 12.30 is £18.60

9.15 - 13.15 is £24.80

9.15 - 14.45 is £29.95



Free Early Education

Currently this allows parents to claim a maximum of 15 hours a week of early education for 38 weeks a year, completely free of charge. A requirement of this scheme is that you provide a copy of your child’s Birth Certificate (or other official proof of age e.g. passport or medical card). At Hopscotch these hours can only be claimed in multiples of 3 and 5 and in whole hours and whole sessions need to be attended.


For children eligible for Free Early Education there is an additional cost for the longer session.


9.15 - 12.30    additional cost is £5.10

9.15 - 13.15    additional cost is £6.50

9.15 - 14.45    additonal cost is £7.50



Invoices are sent out termly and are payable in advance of the term.